Music By Numbers

Music By Numbers takes the tediousness out of post-tonal calculations by giving you the ability to instantly calculate matrices and pitch set collections. Moreover, you can select specific Pitch Classes (PCs) on the matrix to either view the pitch set information or to view the set on the PC circle. Not only does the Set page allow you to view the normal form, prime form, Forte number, and interval vector of a set, it also allows you to rotate the set around the circle, invert the set, show the compliment of the set, and flip the set over an axis of your choice.

The app also allows you to save and edit any matrix or set for future reference. Upon saving, the app will ask you to add any piece information or additional notes that may be helpful (but these fields can be left blank if not applicable). This information can be viewed by tapping the information button on the saved instance in your Library.

The app will accept the characters a or t to represent 10 and b or e to represent 11 in any input field. How the app displays integers 10 and 11 on saved instances or in the matrix/set information fields is customizable in the app settings. The colors for PC selection, PC circle set shape, and the axis color are fully customizable in the settings page as well to make your experience as enjoyable as possible!

Music By Numbers Privacy Policy

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